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Our venues feature beautiful landscaping and breathtaking views as backdrops for your big day! In addition to a wide open space for a large party to mingle comfortably or a quiet setting for an intimate event, there are endless opportunities to get creative with an outdoor wedding. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Arches


Historically, a wedding arch symbolizes the future home in which you and your partner will build your lives together. On the day of your wedding, this symbolic arch should be decorated to declare the promises of your futures together.


At an outdoor wedding, an arch can be created from dark wood with blooming flowers to match the surrounding nature. Depending on your style, this could mean including a few elegant flowers or an exploding bouquet. In some cases, a simple, elegant arch may symbolize the peace you hope for in your future home. Your options range from dark wrought iron to a light, wooden square arch. Some couples choose to add color with a heavy rich-colored cloth or include a white sheet to blow in the breeze.


Of course, you can always choose also to exclude the arch entirely for an unbroken view of the vineyard vines stretching into infinity behind you.


2. Outdoor Wedding Dress


At Run Away with Me, our biggest concern is your comfort. While we worry about the technical details about feeding and entertaining your family, you’ll have plenty of time to score the racks for the perfect dress. No matter what color, length, or style you have in mind, here are a few tips for an outdoor wedding dress:

  • Consider a shorter or detachable train if you hope to mingle with guests on our vibrant grass lawn.

  • Think about the weather. Depending on the time of year, you may want to consider sleeve and skirt length.

  • If your dress is heavy or elaborate, you can easily change into a lighter post-ceremony or reception dress.


For your big day, what you wear may or may not be your biggest concern, but either way, we want you to be comfortable. Stumped? Don’t be shy about asking our experienced wedding planners for advice on your outdoor wedding dress!


3. Floral Wedding Cake


An outdoor wedding opens the door for all kinds of creative decorating--especially for your wedding cake. Our wedding styles include elegantly decorated wedding cakes to fit your wedding’s theme and mood. You’d be amazed by what our vendors can do with a little icing and wedding cake magic. From pastel colors to match Napa Valley’s natural glow to vibrant, life-like roses, your cake can match the outdoor scene.

Our vendors can also create unique designs to include your favorite details about your marriage. Your wedding cake should reflect your marriage’s beauty and sweetness, and we can create that for you.


4. Outdoor Wedding Photos


Off all the advantages of an outdoor wedding, nothing beats the view. For years to come, you’ll cherish photos of you and your partner among long rows of grapevine or your entire family with a view of the lush valley behind them.

Whether you dream of the sun on your sparkling jewelry or softly alighting your veil, our photographers will ensure you have beautiful, adoring momentoes of the day you and your partner were joined together with nature as your backdrop.

The best photos are made up of natural light and vibrant smiles!


5. Lights


Lighting at weddings can be as creative or simple as suits your fancy. Even during the day, string lights can add a fantastical feeling to your magical day. Lanterns also create a fairy tale feeling for a vintage or garden wedding them.

If romance is incomplete without candle lighting in your mind, consider a nighttime reception following your outdoor wedding. You can get especially creative with lighting after the sun goes down, such as colored lights illuminating the live band or sparklers for all your guests to light


6. Outdoor Reception


If you’re going to say your vows in the beautiful outdoors, you might as well share your first meal together there, too. Your wedding decor can continue onto the table as colorful bouquets in elegant vases or candles nestled among garland.

The most important thing is that you and your party, no matter how long the table with the extra room granted by an outdoor setting, will be able to chat coolly in the shade or laugh out loud beneath the sun or stars.


If you would be more comfortable indoors, our venues also offer areas for indoor receptions, including a wine cellar featuring real wine barrels and a dramatic atmosphere. Contact us to explore all your options

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