From Vineyard to Wine Cellar

napa valley wine cellar wedding reception

One of your biggest concerns for your wedding is no doubt the setting. Is it going to be amidst the wonders of nature? Or will it be inside an architecturally elegant venue adorned with golden chandeliers? For those who prefer to embrace the beauty of nature, we can provide a vineyard wedding and vineyard reception, or else move the reception into the wine cellar.

Vineyard Wedding

Whether you’ve never visited a vineyard or have seen dozens in your wine tasting travels, a vineyard wedding is an experience like no other. This type of wedding style will definitely be a refreshing experience for both you, your spouse-to-be, and all of your guests.

Rather than being within a closed space, some people prefer to have an outdoor venue. Imagine spending time with your loved ones amidst the calm, soothing weather and floating clouds. Wide open grassy space allows for room to mingle with friends and family, express your gratitude to guests, and take photos to make those incredible memories last a lifetime.

napa valley wedding couple groom dipping bride kissing

After the excitement of your ceremony and congratulations from guests, all couples enjoy an intimate moment of silence together among the rows of grape vines. This time will allow you and your new spouse to reflect quietly on the day and really enjoy your first moments as a married couple. The simplicity and tranquility felt among the vineyard rows will make your wedding extra special.

Wine Cellar Wedding Reception

One of the most intimate settings offered at Run Away With Me is the wine cellar reception venue. Age-old wine barrels encompass the dining room to create a unique, resplendent atmosphere for you and your guests. Add a positive pinch of drama to your wedding to make the day more eventful.

napa valley wine cellar wedding reception

 It’s important to us that you get to share this day with everyone necessary to make the start of you and your partner’s new life together special. Never opt out the wine cellar reception just because you have many guests. The wine cellars are capable of accommodating parties of most sizes.

Consult us on any concerns you have if you love the idea of a wine cellar reception. We’ll help make it work.

Vineyard Wedding Reception

napa valley wine vineyard wedding reception

After saying your vows with the vineyard as your backdrop, continue the rest of your big day in this relaxing outdoor setting. Here, you have the option to hold your reception on a grass floor or beautifully carved stones.

People who prefer to have a simple ceremony with a minimum number of decor will definitely find the vineyard setting ideal. Each and every corner of this venue shouts simplicity and elegance. Of course, if you’re the creative type, we can use your style to inspire a colorful, exciting reception.

napa valley outdoor wedding reception

An artificial setting can never be compared with a venue set amidst nature. Let the pictures you take with your life new partner embody love and affection. The most perfect venue for your wedding will all be organized by the wedding planners. Other than walking down the aisle and putting on the ring, we’ll take care of the rest. The entire team will ensure that your venue meets your expectations down to the little details. Let your new life start with love, compassion, and beauty.


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