Making Second Weddings Extra Special

Every wedding is a celebration of one unique love story. When it’s a second wedding, the couple’s love story may have even more richness and joy. A second chance at love and happiness is truly something to celebrate, especially when it means the beginning of a new blended family.

second marriage wedding couple holding hands

Something to celebrate

Whether you’re older or younger, have kids or don’t, here are some ways to make your second wedding just right.

Go all out!

There seems to be a stigma that a second wedding should be a less elaborate celebration. But why wouldn’t you want to give your new love story all the festivity it deserves? Everything that’s important to you and your partner in a wedding should be included on your big day.

Consider the Pros and Cons of your First wedding

Learn from the past. If you wish you’d gotten a videographer the first time around, hire one this time. At Run Away with Me, we have our own photographer to capture every moment. And while you don’t want your second wedding to be exactly the same as your first, it’s fine to borrow elements. Maybe you absolutely loved how the floral arrangements came out and you want something similar this time, or you loved having a live band and you’d like to have one again. Use your previous experience to help plan the perfect day.

Have a Wedding Registry or a Donation to Charity

second wedding couple

You might have asked for a fine china and glass stemware for your first wedding, but you also probably associate it with your first marriage. A brand new dining set that you’ve picked out together is a great gift to put on a registry for your second marriage.

But if you have all the home essentials covered, ask for the things you didn’t ask for the first time. Don’t hesitate to register for a new set of golf clubs or that hiking gear you’ve been wanting.

And if you don’t want to go with a traditional registry at all, consider asking for donations to your favorite charity.

Have a bachelor/bachelorette party!

Go out with your girls and enjoy your last night of “freedom”! Or have a spa day together. Or have a wine and paint night. The choice is yours. Whatever you do, make sure it’s what you want out of the event.

Make your Vows Extra Special

Your love story is full of history, and your vows should reflect that. Instead of using the traditional vows, opt to write your own. Make them personal to each other and talk about your goals as a couple. And because we know this may sound like a daunting task, here are some helpful tips.

Including the Kids

wedding couple with baby

For many second weddings, the big day not only celebrates the joining of two people but two families. Here are some special ways to include the kids.

Roles Kids can Play in Your Wedding

A great way to include kids in the ceremony is to make them ring bearers or flower girls. This gives your children, nieces, nephews, or other little guests special roles that make them feel like an important part of the day.

Ring bearers

If you choose a child to be the ring bearer, give his outfit a special touch. Maybe it will match the groom’s exactly. Or maybe you’ll let him pick out a special accessory to wear, like the cape of his favorite superhero. This is a great opportunity to make him feel like he’s really a part of everything.

Flower girls

Keep these same tips in mind for the flower girl. Maybe she’ll have a big part in picking out the dress, or maybe her dress will look more like a wedding gown. Consider adding a flower crown or a tiara to make her feel extra important. For older kids, include them in the wedding party or allow them to escort the bride or groom down the aisle.

Wedding photos

In a second wedding with kids, the photographer’s shot list is a little bit longer. Don’t miss the opportunity to get shots of all the kids together on your big day, and include a shot of the entire new family together. Of all your wedding photos, these might become the ones you cherish the most.

Part of the ceremony

There many ways to include the kids in the events of the ceremony. Here are a few good options.

wedding couple with child

Sand Ceremony with Kids

A sand ceremony is a symbol of two people becoming one. When you include the kids, it symbolizes all of you becoming a new family. This can be a great way to integrate the kids into the wedding ceremony. This tradition also works great for an outdoor wedding where the wind might blow out a unity candle.

Present Jewelry to the Kids during the Ceremony

You may want to present rings or necklaces to your new stepchildren to symbolize your new bond. This not only makes the day more special for them, but gives them a token to remember it by.

Vows with the Kids

You and your partner are taking this day to state your love for one another and make promises to each other. Taking the opportunity to do the same thing with your new stepchildren can be a beautiful thing. Consider writing separate vows to them, establishing your love for them and your commitment to your new family.

However you decide to celebrate your second chance at love, we hope you make it special and make it yours. See how we can help.


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