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Stress-Free Elopement

Despite our profession being called “wedding planners,” a majority of our business comes from elopements. Thanks to our efficient planning skills for quick, we've been responsible for countless stress-less elopements in the fresh California air.

Our Napa Valley locations capture that intimate, private feel without having to fly halfway around the world. If just you and your fiance want to enjoy your engagement and simply show up to say “I do,” Run Away from Me is the perfect fit for you.

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All-Inclusive Elopement Packages

The flowers, the food, the music—whether you’ve been dreaming about this day for years or want nothing to do with these nitty-gritty details, let us do the hard work for creating this unforgettable day. Just pick your venue and find your style.

Our packages include an exclusive venue for an intimate ceremony. Every step of the way, you'll have an experienced personal elopement coordinator to soothe any concerns. The smallest details are our specialty: everything from a certified wedding officiant, a delicious petite cake, and of course, a bottle of wine or champagne. A professional wedding photographer will capture every shared smile.

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We’ll let you handle browsing the racks for your most comfortable attire and glamorous wedding rings.

Our Vendors on Your Budget

Two of the biggest stresses for most couples, whether hoping for a grand wedding or an intimate elopement, are quality vendors that meet their expectations and maintaining their carefully thought-out budget. Rest assured, we have plenty of experience protecting these vital aspects from going awry.

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Reliable, quality vendors for every flawless detail.

By maintaining an arsenal of loyal vendors, we can guarantee that these florists, bakeries, chefs, wineries, and musicians will deliver only the best on your big day. Even better, we've rooted out any hidden fees! We'll help figure out a package with details that match your budget—and stick to those numbers through to the end. 

We know eloping couples often have a plan for all the money they've saved, and we take pride in knowing we've helped you reached your goal. Start planning your dream honeymoon or finding your new home together, because whatever budget you set with us, we'll protect it at all costs.

Including Family

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Some couples worry about what their parents, siblings, grandmother, or best friends will think upon discovery they had eloped. One of the best ways to make everyone feel included is to throw a post-honeymoon party. A small gathering won't break the bank and allows those closest to you to hear all the details about your incredible elopement and amazing honeymoon. 

With or without a party, make sure to send out marriage announcements! Few will be able to feel anything but happy for you when they see your smiling faces as you say "I do."

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From the vineyard rows to the towering redwoods, choose the mood that best suits your "I do."

Just the Two of You in Wine Country

Consider why you’ve chosen to elope. Are you worried about the costs? With fewer mouths to feed, elopements are undoubtedly cheaper. Of course, small weddings are a rising trend to include your parents or a few best friends. Who do you want to be included on this special day? While Run Away with Me takes pride in creating hassle-free wedding experiences that leave every bride blissfully relaxed on her wedding day, we understand wanting to keep the focus between just the two of you.


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