Outdoor Venues and Nighttime Receptions

Natural Beautyoutdoor wedding couple napa valley vineyard

Incorporate the beauty of Napa Valley into your special day by hosting your wedding or elopement outside. Expansive ine country views can be your backdrop with flourishing flora as your decorations. Your wedding day and photos can include rows of grape vines, ivy climbing stone walls, trees towering overhead, and sunlight streaming through the leaves.

These venues also offer a uniquely private atmosphere for an elopement. There's something special and incomparable to spending your first moments as a married couple amongst endless rows of vineyard vines.

Overall, this means less decorating and more open space. That’s not to say you can’t add your own touch to the natural beauty. Outdoor weddings create a more comfortable atmosphere for larger parties to mingle. If your guest list includes your littlest family members, room for little ones to run around will give parents time to mingle. 


napa valley outdoor wedding venue view

Consider your temperature, lighting, and ambiance preferences. This affects the season, month, and time of day for your dream wedding. Napa Valley affords a beautiful atmosphere with June and September the best weather all year around. Trees, tents, and canopies can offer shade for protection from the sunlight. Augusts can be sweltering, but cool summer nights are a constant. If winter really is your fairytale wedding’s season, consider having the reception inside. You want your guests as comfortable as possible through the ceremony and traditions.

(At Run Away with Me, we always plan great backups just in case of rain.)

If you have too many ideas to choose, trust us to help you make the right decisions to create your dream wedding. 

Your Wedding Dress and Footwear

bride in weddings dress outdoors
For an outdoor wedding, think of the terrain and weather when choosing your attire. If you’ll be wearing a wedding dress, long sleeves and thicker materials are preferable for cooler months. Likewise, sleeveless and shorter dresses will let your skin glow with the summer sunlight. Reconsider a Priyanka Chopra 75-foot veil if you hope to have an outdoor wedding in the grass. 
If you’re wearing a suit, take into consideration your layers and material for similar settings. Similarly, advise guests on the location, timing, and the reception location so that they also know how to dress most comfortably. In addition to your outdoor wedding dress, think about your feet. If your perfect dress needs those steller stilettos, definitely prepare yourself to walk on uneven terrain. Kitten heels are a safe alternative. Consider having a change of more comfortable flats during the reception. For the daring, barefoot brides are comfortable brides.

Nighttime Receptions

outdoor nighttime wedding reception

In addition to cool summer nights, nighttime receptions allow for many creative elements. At Run Away with Me, we time ceremonies during the day for the best lighting for photographs. However, nighttime receptions create a romantic, magical atmosphere.

Creative Lighting

Plenty of light is necessary for guest safety while traveling between tables to mingle. Twinkling lights overhead add to that fairytale feeling. Lanterns and candles on the table are perfect for both elegant and vintage weddings. 

Even with an outdoor wedding, the reception can take place indoors to enjoy a more private meal. In this case, chandeliers overhead can shed light on your family's and friends’ excited conversations. Nothing’s better than capping off a wine country wedding with a wine cellar reception.

outdoor nighttime wedding reception dinner

Reception Dress

For your maximum comfort, you may consider an outfit change for your reception. This is great if you’ve found the perfect dress, but worry about long-term comfort while sitting and chatting with family. Having a secondary dress allows you to go all out with your wedding dress, even if it errs on the less practical side with an extra-long train or extra-wide hoop. You might also change into a reception dress to better fit the mood and lighting of a wine cellar reception.

Picking a Menu

champagne wedding drinks
When picking your menu, consider your favorites and any dishes special to your family and culture. Our vendors can supply an assortment of meals for your celebration to feast on. Another benefit of a wine country wedding? Incredible celebratory drinks. For nighttime weddings, people may expect bigger courses for dinner. For a longer wedding at any time of day, you’ll also want plenty of snacks before and after the main course to keep your guests fed and happy. Our wedding planners will time snacks and courses perfectly to keep everyone energized.
Run Away with Me is dedicated to breaking the "stressful wedding planning" stereotype. Whether you want to say "I do" amongst friends and family on your wedding, or want to make that moment special between just you and your fiancé when you elope, we can make your day unforgettable without the traditional wedding planning hassle. 
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