Personalizing the Day

Whether you’ve dreamed about your wedding day for years or are just starting to look for ideas to inspire your big day, we always recommend making your big day personal to you! What will make your wedding special is the people you share the day with, but what will make it memorable are the small personal touches you decide to include.

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You've said yes to your other half, booked the venue, and bought the dress. Next comes all the small decisions that add up to a lot of fun. It's time to let your personality shine! When you start to feel the pressure of other people’s (unsolicited) opinions, take a moment to remember: this is your day!

From beginning to end, your wedding should reflect you as a couple. Your spirit, your style, your taste, your interests. Here are some fun and easy ideas for personalizing your day:

Wedding Favors

How many times have you ended up throwing away a wedding favor? Meaningful and unique favors don't have to costly or meticulously handcrafted. Here are a few ideas for favors that your guests will love just as much as you.

  • Tiny potted succulents make an irresistible wedding favor. Plus, they can double as decor at the reception- just add 'Let Love Grow' signage. If you're a plant lover, this favor could be perfect for you. Succulents are practically indestructible, so even guests without a green thumb can take one and happily keep it alive on their desk at work! (And honestly, fake potted succulents are just as adorable and even lower maintenance.)
  • Most wedding guests will agree, the best wedding favors can be enjoyed immediately. Edible wedding favors are always in style. Personalize them by sharing your favorite treat. For example, set up a popcorn bar featuring your irresistible hometown kettle corn, or add a bowl to each guest table with your grandma's delicious saltwater taffy. These thoughtful wedding favors won't go to waste!
  • For a wine country wedding, there is no better fitting wedding favor than custom wine bottles. Less expensive but tasteful welcome gifts with wine country elements include local goods or a map of the area.

Don't see the sense in spending money on favors? Consider making a donation to your favorite charity on behalf of your family and friends in attendance. A heartfelt note on each guest table explaining what the charity means to you will be appreciated by all.

Table Settings

wedding table settings

Your table settings will consist of your standard place settings and linens, but there's still room to get creative. Consider your wedding style. Use of color and texture can really personalize your table settings.

  • All about the glitz and glamour? A solid sequin tablecloth is a stunning stand out piece that is sure to wow guests. Consider swapping out traditional cutlery for gold or copper flatware to add a pop of color.
  • Going for an earthy vibe? Layering rough cut wood slabs underneath dripping floral centerpieces creates texture and depth on your table.
  • Our standard tablescapes with low floral arrangements and candles is a great option; but if you want to go all out, we offer to upgrade custom options such as special linens, larger floral centerpieces, or unique decor elements.

Check out our past weddings here to see how Run Away with Me inspires our clients to be creative!


wedding food

Break away from the traditional wedding meals (your guests will thank you). We would never serve plain plated meals like chicken parmesan or beef with roasted potatoes. Sitting down and sharing a meal with your friends and family is a sacred thing. Stop worrying about what your mother-in-law has to say about the menu and personalize it by choosing the food you love!

  • In wine country, culinary art goes above and beyond traditional wedding food. We’ll help you create a personalized pairing menu with decadent food and wines. We can even create a cake made of cheese wheels and serve a cheese and port course instead of dessert!
  • What's the best way to double down on your favorite food selection? Consider a 'build-your-own' food bar that you can customize depending on your taste and wedding style. A build-your-own pasta, fajita, or pizza menu is sure to be a crowd pleaser!
  • Going for a reception with a down-to-earth vibe but want serve top-notch food? Book a gourmet food truck! Whether you love sushi or BBQ, there's a food truck for every niche now. The novelty of a food truck will make your wedding mealtime fun and memorable.

wedding cheese wheel cake

Custom signs

Custom signs are a great chance for guests to get involved and really feel like a part of your big day.

  • Have you ever seen your parents’ wedding guest book? Chances are they haven't even seen it since the week of their wedding! Instead of a traditional book, opt for a water-color drawing of you and your partner with plenty of white space for guests to sign. An 18x24 or 16x20 are common sizes. This artistic alternative becomes a special piece that you'll want to frame along with your other favorite wedding day photos.
  • Do you have a talented woodworker in your family? (Etsy works too.) If you place a request far enough in advance, you'll be rewarded with signage that makes for the ultimate romantic wedding decor. Placed prominently in the ceremony space or entrance to the reception, custom signs are something that adds a personal touch. The best part is that unlike paper signs that get discarded at the end of the night, custom wooden signage can be used as beautiful home decor that will be treasured for years.

Here at Run Away with Me, we can tackle this task to make your signage incredibly unique and memorable!

Wedding Cake and Desserts

floral weddings cake

On your wedding day, you're entitled to have your cake and eat it too! But that cake doesn’t necessarily have to necessarily be cake. We have some fantastic vendors for creating beautiful floral cakes, but if there are also alternatives. There's something undeniably delicious about classic white wedding cake, but it's not for everyone. Here are some up and coming alternatives that could be top contenders for your feature dessert.

  • Imagine a dessert that has the wow factor of a towering layered cake, but upon closer inspection, the layers are actually large cinnamon rolls! Icing drips gracefully on each layer—the effect is both photo-worthy and mouthwatering.
  • Pie is another dessert worth swapping wedding cake for. If you and your partner can't agree on a dessert, then you don't have to. Provide an entire spread of pies! Your local farmers market is an excellent spot to pick-up authentic homemade pie. Maybe you even have a family recipe you'd like to feature. Plan on everyone having two pieces, since your guests might want sample more than one!
  • A dessert station is another option for personalizing your menu! Dish up a variety of high end, delectable, bite-sized desserts that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

While many engaged couples are excited about personalizing their wedding day, we understand that all of these details can become overwhelming. Contact us and let’s have a chat about how Run Away with Me can take that stress away so that you can focus on your favorite parts. We’ll handle the rest!


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