Protecting the Couple at the Wedding

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If there's one thing you'll wish for on your wedding day, it's more time. More time for bear hugs and words of encouragement from Dad, more time to sip mimosas and chat with your bridesmaids while you get ready, more time to steal intimate moments with your partner.

Trying to play the role of hostess with the mostess at your own wedding is a huge mistake. Of course, you want things to go smoothly and for your guests to enjoy themselves, but trying to coordinate every aspect of your own wedding day will actually make you feel like an outsider. It will also waste precious time that you could be using to create unforgettable memories. Don't make this costly mistake! Let Run Away With Me protect you from the stress and burden of all the event details, so you can just live in the moment!

Here's our top reasons for why you’ll want to be the participant and leave the day-of planning to the professionals:

Actually Remember Your Wedding Day

How many times have you heard friends describe their wedding day as a blur? There will always be photos to look back at, but that won't help them remember the heart-warming speech the Maid of Honor gave, what song they first danced to as a married couple, or how incredible the cake tasted. They were too busy worrying about what was supposed to happen next and if would they finish before their time at the venue expired. This isn't how you should experience or remember your wedding day!

Stress-Free Wedding Planning

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When you hand the reins over to our team you won’t feel rushed around. Sure, there's a schedule, but we make it our priority to help you enjoy your time stress free. Forget traditional wedding customs, you can dictate what is most important to you. (No need to break up time with friends and family to do a garter toss if you don't want to!) We'll keep the good times rolling.

Some couples spend the first two days of their honeymoon in a sleepy stupor, recovering from the sheer stress of their own wedding. At Run Away With Me, we break the “overwhelming wedding” stereotype. You'll have all the time and energy you need to take in your amazing day when you let us do the heavy lifting.

Family Drama Under Control

Is finalizing your guest list complicated? Working on the seating chart giving you panic attacks? Breathe easy. Nobody's family is perfect, and we understand that some family members are bound to clash. We’ll provide a tried-and-true strategy for avoiding family drama. With a proactive approach, we'll intercept problems before they start. You can relax and enjoy all your guests!

A Planned Time for Photographs

wedding photography

Wedding photography is one of the best ways to capture moments and memories from your special day. But it's easy to get swept up in moving from the ceremony to the reception and all of the events that follow. It might not even occur to you until you're saying goodbye that you didn't get a family picture with grandma and grandpa!

We've got you covered. Get those family photos done early when everyone (like little nieces and nephews, and your great-grandmothers) are still feeling fresh. We'll work with you to understand your vision and goals for your wedding family portraits. Don't worry about corralling everyone together--we’ll take care of that too. The result will be cherished, stunning family photos that can be shared at Christmas and framed for years to come.

Personal one-on-one photos with just you and your spouse are also so important. You don't want to rush or force these. Capturing how you looked, felt, and experienced your wedding day together is priceless! We'll help you carve out time for a private photo session for the two of you. Equally important are photos of the two of you that happen organically, like sharing a dance, stealing a kiss during dinner, or exchanging beaming smiles during toasts. We'll coordinate with our photographers to make sure your moments of sheer joy are captured on film.

After a Famishing Day, You’ll Enjoy Your Wedding Meal

newly weds eating wedding dinner together

Sadly, some couples never even sit down and eat a meal during their wedding. Forget appetizers, they're so busy taking pictures and greeting guests that they completely miss the entire dinner. Even when you're floating on good vibes and adrenaline, your body can't function for long without nourishment. (In fact, brides have been known to faint for this reason! Yikes!)

You carefully chose the menu and we'll make sure you get your plate first. Rest and focus on those who came together for your big day.

wedding dinner

Re-imagine what your wedding day could be: stress-free, carefree, and worry-free. Our mission is to protect you, the couple, from anything that could intrude upon your happiness. We can't freeze time, but we can help to slow it down on your wedding day. With all the plans and details in our hands, you can simply show up and be guests (the most important ones!) at your own wedding. Enjoying and remembering every single minute is your only responsibility. It really is that simple!


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