Tips for Staying on Your Wedding Budget

Planning a wedding is something every couple wish could come and go without a hitch. But not every soon-to-be-married couple gets to have an easy pre-wedding experience. Most times this stress-inducing period is overwhelming and may lead to spending above the national average for weddings. This stress has become so normalized that some few couples realize they have another choice. At Run Away With Me, we have the experience to guarantee stress-free wedding planning that stays within your budget.

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While most will find it difficult to stick to a budget due to many last minutes changes and/or hidden costs, managing a wedding has never been so easy with the help of our seasoned professionals. If your wedding-planning-stress is already overwhelming you due to money or otherwise, contact us at any time for our seasoned advice. 

While we have planned countless successful weddings, we also have some tips to help you know what to expect. To achieve the wedding of your dreams, we advise that you strictly adhere to the following tips:

1. Plan Ahead

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First thing’s first: have a sit down with your future spouse to discuss what is and isn’t important to you both. Only spend big in important areas, and be careful not to overspend in areas that will be of minute personal value.

Everything essential should be included in your initial budget: food and beverage, officiant, floral, entertainment, photographer, rentals, planner, venue and service charges, and taxes.

As you spend a lot on things that are significant to you, make a conscious effort to ensure that you spend less in other areas.

2. Be Practical in your Planning 

It is very natural for you to fall in love with certain items on your wedding checklist without considering costs. You might even become attached to them which will most likely lead to overspending in a few areas. While you should be able to splurge a little on your big day, do so only with the most important details.

A lot of couples are crazy about Pinterest-inspired weddings, and while those are incredible spectacles, their budget may be way out of your range. Here at Run Away with Me, we’ll help you figure out what really appeals to you about those celebrity weddings so that you can have that same royal-wedding feeling on your budget.

3. Solidify Your Guest List

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Keep your guest list the same. Whatever might tempt you to expand it should be avoided. If you expect a few more people, like significant others, to be added down the road, make sure to include that in your budget.

This is also a great place to save money. If you really aren’t that close to your third cousin, consider cutting them out. Small, intimate weddings with only close family and friends are a rising trend in the wedding industry. Make sure you’re spending the day with those you love most for a truly memorable experience.

4. Leave a Little Wiggle Room

In the case of unavoidable additional guests or personal touches that you might want to add to your wedding day, a little wiggle room should be allowed in your budget to cover all those “maybe’s.”

5. Typical Wedding Budget

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Given what you’ve read so far, you’re probably wondering what the typical wedding budget looks like. The following will defer greatly depending on the size of your guest list, taste, personal preferences, and a number of other variables:

  • Venues: $5-$20,000 on weekends; $500-$5,000 on weekdays
  • Planner: $2,500 - $10,000
  • Food and Beverages: $200 + 22% service charge and sales tax
  • Rentals: Approximately $400 for every ten (10) guests
  • Floral: $450 per ten (10) guests + ceremony floral and bridal party
  • Entertainment: String Duo $650; DJ $2000; Band $5,000+
  • Photographer: $3,000-$10,000
  • Video: $2,500-$7,500
  • Transportation: $1,500 per 20 guests
  • Cake: $200-$2,000
  • Welcome Dinner or Post Brunch: $3,500+

6. Adopt Our Safeguards

You can trust Run Away with me to protect your budget, thereby easing your stress. Our all-inclusive package already takes these details into account. With our experience, we’re also prepared for even the most unexpected last-minute changes. In addition, Run Away With Me gets preferred rates.

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We have our fees included from the beginning to help you avoid accruing additional costs along the way. The outcome of the budget and prewedding plans may be similar to what it would be on your own, but Run Away With Me handles it all to make it easier for you and your spouse. All we need you to do is enjoy your stress-free wedding and smile big for our expert photographers!

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Run Away With Me Response to Covid 19: We have been monitoring the CDC and current world situation closely and our heart breaks for anyone planning a wedding during this crisis. Due to the concern for the health and safety of our couples and their guests we have been working with each couple to successfully postpone all spring weddings to a date later in the year. We are a wedding team that believes in making the best of everything and we support our couples and our vendors 100%. Our goal is to make the planning of your wedding a stress free experience, rain or shine.  
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