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Lauren and Kevin's Intimate Napa Wedding: A Love Story


Lauren and Kevin's wedding in Napa was a beautiful celebration of love, intimacy, and unique personal touches. Lauren and Kevin's love story began at the University of Miami where they were acquaintances, often having classes together but never really interacting. It wasn't until three years later when fate intervened. Lauren returned from her nursing clinical wearing Kevin's scrubs, which sparked a memorable and unexpected turn of events. Kevin invited her to celebrate his birthday at a sports bar named The Rat, and it was there that their connection truly blossomed. Their playful and spontaneous decision to swap clothes marked the beginning of their romantic journey.

Hailing from Miami and having never been to Napa before, the couple chose the picturesque Beringer Vineyards for their wedding venue. They were captivated by the venue's romantic ambiance, adorned with enchanting redwood trees that set the perfect backdrop for their special day.

Lauren and Kevin opted to work with Run Away With Me for their wedding planning, seeking a truly relaxed and stress-free experience. The decision to entrust their special day to this professional team allowed them to fully enjoy the process leading up to their wedding, ensuring that every detail was meticulously taken care of.

The couple's desire for an intimate wedding with just their families was brought to life under the majestic redwood trees. A string soloist serenaded them as they exchanged vows, creating a truly magical and intimate atmosphere. Following the ceremony, the small group enjoyed a delightful farm-to-table dinner, savoring the flavors and essence of Napa. The evening culminated in an epic dance party, filled with joy and love as the couple celebrated their union with their closest loved ones.

Lauren and Kevin's wedding in Napa was a testament to their love, individuality, and the beauty of intimate celebrations. Their journey from acquaintances to soulmates, and their choice to embrace the serenity of Napa for their wedding, embodies the essence of a love story worth celebrating.

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