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5 Wedding Budgets Hacks Every Couple Should Know

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Welcome to Run Away With Me's guide to hacking your wedding budget!

With over 20 years in the wedding industry, we've seen it all. Since 2012, we've been planning and coordinating approximately 200 elopements and weddings per year. We're not just experts in planning dream weddings; we're also pros at making them budget-friendly.


How? We're always negotiating on behalf of our couples to get the best value while maintaining quality service. Our unique position of handling all vendor bookings gives us a deep insight into the numbers game that is wedding planning.

Hack #1: Venue Budgeting

Rule of Thumb: Keep it Under 20%

Your venue is important, but it shouldn't break the bank. Aim to spend no more than 20% of your total budget on the venue. This leaves room for other essentials like catering, photography, and that dress you've been eyeing.

Look for venues that include some or all rentals like tables, chairs, and linens. This can save you a bundle and reduce the number of vendors you need to coordinate with. 

Rentals Included = Big Win!

Hack #2: Timing is Everything

Non-Saturday and Off-Seasons

Popular venues often have lower rates during weekdays or off-season months. Ask venues if they offer lower rates for Friday and Sunday. Plus, you'll likely find more date options available. Be flexible with your date.

Shorter Planning Timelines

If you're flexible, shorter planning timelines can lead to special rates or last-minute deals. Honestly who wants to spend more than a year to stress over wedding plans. Just make sure you're ready to make quick decisions!

Hack #3: The Guest Count Game

Small Wedding, Big Luxury

A smaller guest list can free up your budget for more luxurious elements. Think higher-end menu options, custom rentals, or even a destination wedding. Keep in mind cost per person may be higher but overall lower total cost.

Rentals Included = Big Win

Look for venues that include some or all rentals like tables, chairs, and linens. This can save you a bundle and reduce the number of vendors you need to coordinate with.

Hack #4 Prioritize and Compromise

Know Your Must-Haves

Make a list of non-negotiables for your wedding day. Whether it's a live band, a specific photographer, or a custom cake, know where you won't compromise. These are the elements that will make your day and memorable, so allocate your budget accordingly.

Be Ready to Flex

For everything else, be prepared to make some trade-offs. If you splurge on the band, maybe opt for a simpler menu or fewer floral arrangements. Remember, not every detail needs to be extravagant to be meaningful.

Hack #5: Bundle Services

One Vendor, Multiple Services or Run Away With Me :)

Opting for a vendor that offers multiple services, such as a photographer who also provides videography, can be a game-changer. Not only does this approach often come with package discounts, but it also ensures a cohesive style across different aspects of your wedding.

Streamline Your Day

Using fewer vendors can simplify logistics, making your big day smoother and less stressful for everyone involved.

Run Away With Me Plug

Our weddings at "Run Away With Me" are exceptionally successful because we offer some in-house services and have thoroughly vetted our vendor partners. Our teams know each other well and understand our high expectations, ensuring they provide 5-star service to our couples. This integrated approach amplifies the benefits of bundling services, making your special day even more unforgettable.


Wedding Costs

Average local wedding

in the U.S.

costs around $34,000.


Average destination

wedding costs

$1,000 - $2,5000 per person.

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