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Napa and Sonoma Wedding Venue Collection

Selecting the perfect venue for your wedding can be a chall­enging task. At Run Away With Me, we under­stand this struggle first­hand. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to exploring every corner of Napa and Sonoma, carefully hand-se­lecting and screening only the most excep­tional locations in wine country. Our curated list showcases venues that exude ambiance, breath­taking scenery, and an unden­iable charm that perfectly captures the essence of wine country. Step into our world and discover unique spaces that go beyond mere venues; they are encha­nting exper­iences yearning to become a part of your own love story. Bid farewell to overwhelm as you embrace the ideal backdrop for your special day.

We offer virtual tours and in person venue tours.


Harvest  Inn

Vineyard View Resort

in the heart of Napa Valley

St. Helena Ca



Private Vineyard Estate and Cask Room in Napa Valley

St. Helena Ca



Wine Country Estate and Vineyards

near the Russian River

Santa Rosa Ca


Tre Posti

Elegant wine country in

the heart of Napa Valley

St. Helena Ca


Chateau St. Jean

Romantic Winery and Vineyard Estate in Sonoma Wine Country

Kenwood Ca


Buena Vista

Historic Winery and Caves

near downtown 

Sonoma Ca



Historic Winery & Estate in

the heart of Napa Valley

St. Helena Ca


Robert  Young 

Family owned Estate Winery 

and Vineyards 

Geyserville Ca

Wedding Venue FAQ

How much is a wedding venue in Napa Valley and Sonoma?

Costs can vary widely based on the specific venue, it's amenities, and the time of year. At Run Away With Me, we work closely with couples to find venues that align with their budget while still offering the breathtaking charm of Napa. On average site fees range from $5,000 to $20,000+. Most venues offer lower rates for weekdays and off season dates. That is a great option to maximize your wedding budget.

Which wineries in Napa can have weddings?

Due to the Winery Definition Ordinance (WDO) set in place in 1989, most Napa Valley wineries are restricted from hosting weddings. This ordinance was established to protect our agricultural land by specifying allowed activities on the property. However, there are a select few wineries that are permitted to host weddings, as they were "grandfathered" in based on their pre-regulatory status. Our curated list includes some of these exceptional venues, ensuring a genuine and compliant Napa wedding experience.

Why don't most wineries allow alcohol at weddings?

Interestingly, many wineries in the Napa Valley are restricted from serving hard alcohol due to regulations, ensuring the focus remains on the wine experience. However, beer and wine are typically permitted at these venues. Thankfully, most couples and guests find this isn't a hindrance. After all, they're in the heart of wine country, eager to savor the region's world-renowned offerings! If that is a deal breaker for you don't worry we have some great wedding venues that are permitted to serve hard alcohol.

Why should I choose a curated venue from Run Away With Me?

Our team has spent considerable time researching, visiting, and vetting venues in Napa and Sonoma. By choosing from our list, you're not just getting a venue; you're ensuring a seamless, stress-free experience with venues we trust and love.

What if we have already booked our venue?

No worries at all! Even if you've secured your venue, we're flexible and more than happy to assist with every other detail of your big day. Our expertise extends beyond just venues, and we can craft a custom package tailored to your specific needs. From floral arrangements to timelines, we've got you covered, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable wedding experience.

Want help finding your perfect wedding venue?

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