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Congratulations on your engagement! It’s great that you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Now, you just need to decide how you want to make your marriage official.


If you’re hesitant about a big wedding because you fear the stereotypical wedding planning stress, let us stop you there. Here at Run Away with Me, your wedding planning is handled for you so that you can focus on all the fun parts. If wedding planning stress is your main motivation for wanting to elope, let us help you explore all your options before making your final decision.

If eloping really is right for you, we can help you there as well! While elopement used to be a taboo solution for the Romeos and Juliets of the world, more and more couples are deciding to elope for countless reasons. Really, the decision comes down to how you want to spend your special day and whom you want to spend it with.

Main Differences Between Elopements and Weddings


Weddings can be an all-day celebration of your marriage. The day includes the time it will take for you and your giddy bridesmaids and groomsmen to get ready, for guests to get settled, for the ceremony, and for everyone to get their fill of festivities.

For those who prefer something short and sweet, eloping means more time between just you and your partner. At Run Away with Me, we prize our elopement planning to include those favorite traditions. You’ll still tie the knot, stomp on the glass, have your first dance, cut the cake, push each other’s faces into the icing, and any other moments of your dream day.


Who do you want to share this day with?


With a wedding, the more the merrier! Your guest list can include your family, friends, coworkers, ex-boss, distant cousins, weird uncle, Golden Retriever, and anyone else you want to witness your special day. We’re happy to make your special day the event everyone talks about for years to come and model their own weddings after. Your guests will be entertained with great food, music, and wine.


On the other hand, if you prefer this day to be all about you and your significant other, eloping may be the option for you. This intimate setting focuses the day purely on the love between the two of you. Of course, it’s totally acceptable to have parents, close siblings, or best friends there that you can’t imagine your big day without.

Micro Weddings


If your inner introvert gets overwhelmed by the idea of a crowded wedding, small weddings are the best of both worlds. This rising trend includes just you, your closest family, and your best friends. Usually, up to 20 guests, this set-up allows room in the budget for more courses in meals or luxury wines.

Ten years from now, when you look back on your wedding photos, who do you want to be there with you? Include those people to share their love on your special day.


Which fits you better? 

In making your decision, consider your family’s and friend’s reactions to an elopement. This day is all about you, but make sure this decision really is what you want. Anticipate responses from people who had expected to be invited to a wedding.

Likewise, your partner and his or her family might have their own opinions about the matter. Maybe you don't have any inclinations in one direction or another, but your partner may feel differently. Talk over the options without making assumptions about what your partner might prefer.


Cost Differences

Some couples elope with cost in mind. It’s no secret that with fewer people to feed and entertain, elopements come at a fraction of the price. Some newlyweds prefer to save money for a house or honeymoon. You might even want to elope to the same place as your dream honeymoon to save on time and travel costs.

In case you’re set on your wedding but worry about money, some areas of the budget are easy to shrink. Consider a smaller guest list by cutting out the third cousins. You may also want to consider weekday ceremony or off season which can save thousands. Contact us with your concerns about advice from our experienced planners. 

Including Others in your Elopement

There are still ways to include everyone in your elopement. Plenty of couples throw a party to announce their elopement either before the event or after your honeymoon. In addition, send out announcements after your vows to update everyone and show off your beautiful day. You can also throw a casual less expensive party with family and friends at a later date.

Those Family Drama Fears

Weddings can be stressful with family drama but lead to life-long memories to bond over. Love your family, but they’re already driving you crazy about wedding plans? That’s what we’re here for.

Whether you choose a wedding or elopement is up to you. The most common factors our clients consider are money, personal preferences for both themselves and the partner, and, most importantly, who they want to share the say with. Small weddings are increasingly popular for those who want a wedding but also hope to save money for a home or honeymoon. Of course, even with an elopement, others can feel included with a post-honeymoon party. What matters is that you and your partner enjoy this start to the rest of your lives together, so take time to talk about the topic between the two of you.

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