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Debunking the 7 Persistent Misconceptions about Elopements

Tying the knot is a significant milestone that brings great joy to many people's lives. Planning for your special day is the best time to pick the best dress, motif, theme, and venue. Also, it lets you choose whom you want to invite, whether family members or best friends.

While there's nothing wrong with planning a traditional wedding, others may want something more private and focused on themselves, like hosting an elopement. Despite evolving from running away secretly to getting married to being a small gathering, other couples still have misconceptions that can confuse or scare them from considering this option.

This article will fact-check some elopement myths.

Myth 1: Elopements Are Selfish

Other couples hesitate to elope because they assume it’s selfish. However, that’s untrue because your wedding day is about you and your partner, not satisfying others. Hosting an intimate wedding is okay if that’s what you want, and true friends or family members will understand and respect your decision.

Explain to your parents about your decision if you're worried about hurting someone's feelings. You should also have a wedding website to update loved ones and share information about your private event. Moreover, send out marriage announcements and consider celebrating with the essential people in your life after the event.

Myth 2: They’re Not as Special as “Real” Weddings

Many couples dislike having a small audience during their big day because they think it will be less memorable. However, that’s not the truth. The fact that only a few people witness the couple exchange vows and have their first kiss makes it even more special because the day is focused solely on the couple.

Myth 3: These Events Are Cheap

One of the true myths about elopements is that they can save you money. When you host this intimate gathering, you can spend more on essentials and avoid spending too much on expensive things like catering and favors. Also, it lets you splurge on your dream dress, decorations, destination elopement, or honeymoon.

Myth 4: They’re Only for Two People

This statement is technically correct. However, wedding planners firmly believe that couples must personalize their wedding to their preferences. If you prefer a small gathering with your loved ones, do so! While it may not fit the traditional elopement, you can still consider it an intimate, micro, or tiny wedding.

Myth 5: Elopements Aren't Legally Binding

Whether an elopement is legally binding or not depends on the location. If you'll host the intimate event in your home country, it's as legally binding as a traditional wedding. In contrast, if you're getting married in a foreign country, you must research the legal requirements well in advance because you might not be able to marry legally in some nations unless you're a resident.

However, you don’t need to worry because a symbolic ceremony or blessing can be as meaningful as a legal marriage. You can also have a legal marriage before or after your private event.

Myth 6: Elopements Are Unromantic and Occur in a Courthouse

While these private events can happen in courthouses, couples have endless possibilities for venues since they usually only invite a few people, like secluded beaches and the middle of a forest.

Myth 7: They’re Easier to Plan, and You Don’t Need to Hire a Planner

Elopements still need planning and coordination, like hiring an officiant, photographer, and wedding planner. It can also be more complicated if you’re eloping to another country. Hiring a professional wedding planner can help ensure a stress-free event.

Saying ”I Do” in a Quieter Place

Despite the evolution of this private event, others hesitate to host elopements for various reasons. You can make informed and intimate decisions for your small gathering by fact-checking the myths, communicating with loved ones, and hiring a professional wedding planner.

Run Away With Me is committed to making your Napa elopement less stressful by helping you select the best style. Schedule your consultation with us now!

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