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Embrace the Intimacy and Elegance of a Micro Wedding in Napa or Sonoma

The wedding landscape has undeniably evolved over the years, with couples increasingly gravitating towards more intimate and personalized celebrations. Micro weddings, characterized by their small guest lists and focus on quality over quantity, resonate perfectly with this shift in preference, offering a charming alternative for couples seeking a meaningful, intimate, and stress-free wedding experience. When set against the backdrop of the captivating vineyards of Napa and Sonoma, these small-scale celebrations take on a magic of their own, beautifully intertwining the elegance of wine country with the joy of celebrating your love story.

At Run Away With Me, we are dedicated to simplifying wedding planning for couples through our all-inclusive micro wedding and elopement packages in the renowned wine country of Napa and Sonoma, California. Our expert team is committed to curating intimate, luxurious, and truly unforgettable events tailored to your unique vision and love story. Allow us to guide you in crafting your dream wine country micro wedding, an intimate celebration hallmarked by elegance, simplicity, and personal touch.

1. Embracing Intimacy

One of the most appealing aspects of a micro wedding is the opportunity to create a truly intimate and personal celebration. By narrowing down your guest list and focusing on those closest to you, your special day becomes all the more significant and meaningful.

  • Quality Time with Loved Ones: With a smaller guest list, you'll have ample time to connect with each guest during the event, fostering genuine connections and building cherished memories.

  • Personalized Touches: With fewer guests to cater to, you can invest more time and effort in incorporating personalized elements into your wedding, from customized menu options to thoughtful wedding favors.

  • Unmatched Ambience: The serene and romantic atmosphere of Napa and Sonoma wineries provides a warm and intimate setting, perfectly complementing the micro wedding experience.

2. Financial Considerations

The allure of a micro wedding goes beyond its intimate nature, as these smaller celebrations can also provide financial advantages without sacrificing the quality that you desire on your big day.

  • Cost Savings: With fewer guests to accommodate, your overall wedding expenses could be significantly reduced, allowing you to allocate funds towards other aspects of your special day.

  • Prioritize What Matters Most: A micro wedding grants you the flexibility to prioritize what truly matters to you and your partner, such as exchanging vows at an exclusive winery, offering an exquisite dining experience, or investing in memorable entertainment.

  • Splurge-Worthy Details: By saving on certain wedding expenses, you can indulge in more luxurious details, such as high-quality local wines, custom floral arrangements, or lavish decor elements that make your celebration truly unforgettable.

3. Bespoke Experiences

A wine country micro wedding offers unique opportunities to create bespoke experiences that capture the essence of the region and your relationship, ensuring that your celebration is genuinely one-of-a-kind.

  • Private Wine Tastings: Treat your guests to a private wine-tasting experience in a renowned Napa or Sonoma winery, providing a luxurious and enjoyable activity for your intimate guest list.

  • Seasonal and Locally-Sourced Menus: Impress your guests by offering a customized wedding menu featuring delicious, locally-sourced ingredients and seasonal flavors native to the wine country region.

  • Customized Tours and Activities: Arrange exclusive tours or activities for your guests, such as wine country hikes, vineyard tours, or hot air balloon rides, making your wedding celebration a truly memorable experience.

4. Stress-Free Planning with All-Inclusive Services

Our all-inclusive micro wedding packages in Napa and Sonoma wine country eliminate the stress and complexity of wedding planning, ensuring that your vision comes to life with ease.

  • Streamlined Coordination: Our team of experienced planners and coordinators will manage all aspects of your micro wedding, from venue selection to catering, decor, and entertainment.

  • Expert Vendor Recommendations: Benefit from our long-standing relationships with trusted vendors in the region, ensuring that you receive only the highest quality of services and products.

  • Comprehensive Support: Rest easy knowing that our team is there to support you every step of the way, from the initial planning stages to the flawless execution of your wine country micro wedding.


By hosting a micro wedding in the enchanting vineyards of Napa and Sonoma, you'll create an intimate, luxurious, and personalized celebration that reflects your unique love story and preferences. The reduced guest list and potential cost savings can open doors to a range of opportunities: from customizable and elevated experiences to extravagant splurges that elevate your celebration to new heights. Coupled with our expert all-inclusive wedding planning services, your wine country micro wedding will be a memorable, stress-free, and utterly delightful experience.

At Run Away With Me, our mission is to craft bespoke, all-inclusive micro wedding and elopement experiences set against the stunning backdrop of Napa and Sonoma's picturesque vineyards. Our seasoned team of expert planners and coordinators is dedicated to designing intimate, elegant, and effortless wine-country weddings tailored to your unique vision and love story. Let us help you create the perfect Napa or Sonoma micro wedding, where you can celebrate your love and commitment surrounded by the unparalleled natural beauty of California's enchanting wine country.

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