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How to Say Yes to the Best Aesthetic for Your Wedding

Getting engaged is one of the most joyous moments in an individual's life. It's when two people decide to level up their relationship and commit to each other for the rest of their lives. Once you utter the sweet yes to your partner, it's time to dive into wedding planning.

This overwhelming but crucial part means deciding on the essential elements of your big day, like the venue, theme, catering, and aesthetics. Aesthetics is the overall vibe and creates your ceremony and reception's look and feel. And you should have a cohesive style to narrate your story naturally.

If you want to make wedding planning less stressful, this article will help you say "I do!" to the best aesthetic for your big day.

1. Determine Your Likes and Dislikes

While there’s nothing wrong with turning to social media for wedding inspiration, it’s usually not ideal because there’s always a lot of repetition. Instead of following the latest trends, you can plan a wedding that reflects your tastes by listing your favorite things.

Wedding planning experts recommend you examine movies, magazines, and artwork that resonate with you and consider what inspires you. For instance, the breathtaking Greek island in Mamma Mia or Vincent Van Gogh's colors in "The Starry Night" may appeal to you.

2. Assess Your Design Preferences

Besides the types of media you enjoy, consider your personal preferences in interior design. Analyze your home’s style, the hotels you usually stay in while on vacation, and the restaurants you visit. It will help you determine if you like clean and minimalist design, vibrant surroundings, or luxurious aesthetics filled with glitz. You should also remember that your ambiance will significantly affect your guests’ comfort and the environment’s visual appeal.

3. Explore Real Weddings

Besides browsing Pinterest and your favorite places, you can get inspiration for your big day by looking at other people’s weddings. You can find these pictures on websites or in magazines. Remember to note what you like about those weddings, like the decorations, the venue, and how they involved guests in the celebration. That way, you can get ideas for your wedding and create a unique style.

4. Reflect on Previous Travels

When planning for your wedding’s aesthetic, you can think about your favorite vacation spots and draw inspiration from those places’ architecture, cuisine, textiles, and hospitality. It will help you find the best wedding theme, even if you won’t host your big day in that location.

5. Examine Essential Traditions

Incorporating traditions from your cultural background can personalize your wedding and shape the events and decorations. You can also make them personal to your love story and find new ways to honor them.

6. Consider Your Venue

Your wedding venue is your aesthetic foundation and can inform your wedding style. You can help finalize your overall wedding concept by considering the venue’s existing decor, colors, and natural environment.

7. Consider the Guest Experience

Consider how you want everyone to feel throughout the wedding day and choose elements that enhance those feelings. For instance, an intimate dinner party with candlelight works best if you want a relaxed atmosphere.

8. Consider the Season

The season when you get married can influence your celebration’s aesthetic. For instance, jewel tones and greenery garlands are more appropriate for a winter wedding.

9. Consult Your Loved Ones

Ask your friends and family if you’re still unsure about your wedding’s aesthetic. While they know you well and have a different perspective on your relationship, remember that your and your partner's opinions matter the most.

Saying Yes to the Best Style

Aesthetics are crucial to planning your wedding because it creates your celebration's overall look and feel. You can find the best one for your big day by looking for inspiration, asking your loved ones, and consulting a professional planner.

Run Away With Me is committed to making Napa wedding planning easier for busy couples with incredible tastes by helping them select the best style. Book a consultation now!

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